Bibliography for YL1

La vie de la moto nb 262 issue (I got it)

index for restauration, exemple : joints are on the 154 & 191 issues

Guide motos Yamaha of Richard Verdelet EPA editions (I got it)

technical specifications and sales in France

La vie de la moto nb 91 (I got it)


Motorevue nb 1987 issue of 7/4/70 (I got it)

Complete road test and technical specifications

Brochure from 1968 (I got it)

technical specifications

Toute la moto nb 11 issue (I got it)

only one picture

C.Q.E .P. nb 1974 issue from 1968 (I dont have it)

100 YL1

Cyclomoto nb 191 issue (I dont have it)

100 YL1 road test

R.M.T. nb 0 issue

technical manual about YAS1

Das Motorrad nb 8 1966 issue (I dont have it)

100 twin

Clymer Maintenance and Repair Manual

Early 60's to mid 70's Two-Stroke Motorcycles

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Motorcycle Mechanics nb 36 issue ? (I dont have it)

reader restoration

missing issue, photocopied article is in black & white only is possible

Cycle world on Yamaha 1962-1969 (I dont have it)

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Crossfire Hurricane vintage japanese motorcycles (I dont have it)

rider manual

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Yamaha, 80-175Cc Piston-Port, 1968-1976 : Service, Repair, Performance (I dont have it)

maintenance guide

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Yamaha : All Factory and Production Road-Racing Two Strokes from 1955 to 1993 by Mackellar Bacon (I dont have it)

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Yamaha Vintage Card Set (I dont have it)

Microfiche YL1/YL1E 66'/67'

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Cycle World on Yamaha 1962-69 (I dont have it)

100 YL1 road test and others published on a book

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Yamaha by Mick Walker (I dont have it)

Yamaha the illustrated motorcycles legend by Roy Bacon (I dont have it)

Yamaha YAS1 1968/1970 Motostudio (Moto Légende) n°32

Yamaha les twins Moto Légende nb 43 issue